New Look ecarNI Charge Point Map


 A new look ecarni charge point map has been introduced to greatly improve the accuracy and reliability of the information provided to electric vehicle (EV) drivers.

The new look map will allow drivers to filter by electric vehicle charge point type: CHAdeMO (for Nissan/Mitsubishi vehicles): CCS/Combo (for BMW/VW etc) and Fast AC for Renault owners. Additionally, integration of turn-by-turn navigation powered by Google Maps provides EV drivers with the option of being guided directly to the most convenient electric vehicle charge point.

A range of new icons have been introduced to convey additional features including, charge point occupancy status information which will provides EV drivers with a better indication of the real time operations of the charge points on the network, based on the most up-to date information available to us.

Currently operating on a trial basis, this information is being made available on the ecarni charge point map (mobile and web platforms). Locations at which live charging sessions are in progress are indicated using an image of a vehicle, superimposed on the map icons. A solid vehicle signifies that the location is fully occupied, whilst a semi-solid vehicle indicates that a charging session is in progress, however additional slots remain available for use.

ecarNI is continually monitoring and fine-tuning the information being provided to all EV drivers to ensure it is as accurate and reliable as possible. To assist us during this period, we would greatly value your input.

Feedback on the usefulness, effectiveness and accuracy of the information being delivered should be sent to and include “Charge Point Map Occupancy Information” in the subject line.