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Northern Ireland’s electric vehicle charging networks

There are a variety of electric vehicle charge points available to use across Northern Ireland. All public charge points in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are interoperable at present and can currently be accessed using the ecarNI Access Card.

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ecar cost calculator

Our simple ecar cost calculator lets you compare the costs and benefits of electric car versus petrol or diesel vehicle. The calculations are based on current petrol/diesel and electricity prices.

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ecarNI set for future development as control of charge point network moves to ESB Group

Read what a working mother thinks about using an electric car for the school run....

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To ensure that the charge point infrastructure is always working we need the ecar community to assist us by reporting any out of service charge points.

At last the BMW i3 has made its way to Northern Ireland, BMWs long awaited debut into the electric car market has been highly anticipated...

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