Interview with a Tesla Model S owner


Electric car owner Jim McConachie, talks to the ecarni team about his experience of owning and driving his Tesla Model S.     

ecarni – Why did you buy a pure electric car?

I wanted to move away from combustion engine cars to a more sustainable mode of transport and was interested in the concept surrounding electric vehicles (EVs). Having carried out research on this subject I was very impressed by the low driving costs and green credentials associated with EVs. Taking into consideration my personal and business needs I decided to go for the pure electric car and not a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.

Another attraction to why I bought an ecar is that I am also able to generate my own electricity at home through my water turbine generator which can be used to charge my Tesla.

I like the design of the Tesla and am delighted with its performance, especially with regard to the range on a full battery charge. The Tesla has impressive up-to-date technology and the battery life comes with an eight year warranty.

My Tesla has a top speed of 125 mph, and goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just under 6 seconds. The battery is 85 kWh, which gives me a travel range up to 315 miles travel which means I can easily journey to Dublin and back to Belfast on a single charge. The cost for a full battery charge is approx £12.

I love driving my Tesla as it is a fun car to drive.

ecarni – How do you find charging your ecar?

My Tesla can access the public fast chargers which gives me a full range in around 4 hours from empty. I availed of the government grant to install a convenient workplace charge point which allows me the convenience and practicality of charging my ecar.

ecarni – What are the benefits of driving your ecar?

With regard to the running cost of my ecar I have greatly reduced my fuel costs. Also as the Tesla does not have any tail pipe carbon emissions I do not have to pay any car tax.

Whilst charging my ecar at public charging points throughout Northern Ireland, there is the added bonus of free parking at some on-street locations.

As the Tesla has few moving parts it consequently requires very little maintenance, which will result in my car services being much cheaper.

In the future I hope to install a home charging point and I understand that I can avail of a government grant for the supply and installation.

ecarni - How could Government encourage more people to drive EVs?

Reducing the cost of electric vehicles EVs would be the major factor in more people buying EVs. Government could consider giving tax holidays for the purchase of EVs for a year.

Whilst Northern Ireland has a good charging point infrastructure, providing more electric vehicle charging points would encourage people to drive EVs. Also hotel accommodation throughout Northern Ireland providing more charging points located conveniently on site would influence potential ecar drivers.

Close partnership between government, car dealers and car manufacturers could assist in the promotion and purchase of EVs.

ecarni thanked Jim McConachie for telling us about his experience of driving his Tesla Model S.