Driving an electric car gives you a whole new experience compared to driving a conventional petrol or diesel vehicle. Many people who drive electric vehicles for the first time are impressed with the smoothness and comfort of the car, silent engine, great acceleration and capacity to drive at conventional car speeds.

Here is what some of our electric vehicle trial participants told us about their ecar driving experience:

“Pleasantly surprised at the power, torque, speed and acceleration.....no problems with range or battery life....performance is ideal for our environment, recharging was simple and more rapid than expected.”

“I trialled the Nissan Leaf car and I was really impressed with it. The quality of the car and the cost saving on fuel was great.”

“All comments from both drivers were positive regarding the driving experience, power from the vehicle and handling.”

“Our experience in trialling electric vehicles has been positive. The Renault Kangoo was used by our operations staff and would be ideally suited to staff who travel short distances … on a daily basis. We would intend to purchase such a vehicle in the next financial year. Both Renault Fluence and Nissan Leaf were considered excellent in terms of their comfort, specification and performance.”