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By July 2013 no-one in Northern Ireland will be further than 30 miles from a rapid charge point and they will available on all major arterial routes throughout the province. There will also be 160 fast charge posts each with two charge points.

This investment in infrastructure will undoubtedly create an environment which will lay the ground for a significant positive environmental impact within Northern Ireland.

Our local investment has been matched by similar investment across the border in the Republic of Ireland, with all major arterial routes also being served by a rapid charger as well as an extensive network of fast chargers. All charge points in both jurisdictions are fully compatible to ensure that ecars have the ability to 'roam' across an international EU border.

Northern Ireland's size makes it ideal for electric vehicles with their approximate range of 100 miles from fully charged. Although electric vehicles may not be suitable for everyone, some interesting facts reveal that two thirds of all car journeys in Northern Ireland are under five miles and one third are under one mile. Longer journeys can be accomplished by a short boost at a rapid charger.

The average commuter could save around 80% of their fuel costs by using a fully electric vehicle while air pollutants from cars could virtually become a thing of the past.

Home and Workplace Charge Point Grants

From the 1st of April 2013, electric vehicle owners can avail of a grant for the supply and installation of a smart home or workplace charging point. This grant is available to the first 180 applicants.

The process for the installation of a charge point has recently been simplified. Electric vehicle owners can order their charge point from a list of accredited suppliers, who then install the charge point. After installation and commissioning, the charge point supplier will re-claim the grant and ecar will reimburse the supplier with the cost so a no stage is the ecar customer out of pocket. The maximum limit of grant-funding is £1,500 and if the cost exceeds this limit, it will, however, need to be paid by the customer.

The full process is set out here