Electric Car Tsar Appointed


The founder of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk has been appointed by the UK Government as the “electric car tsar” to help change the way we think about cars and driving. Nick Clegg the Deputy Prime Minster admires Musks unmatched expertise to help boost investment and increase the take-up of electric vehicles. Musk himself seeks to persuade customers that it’s cool to own an electric car and is expanding his electric car brand around the world.

Musk launched his first main outlet not on a windswept industrial estate but at west London’s smart Westfield shopping centre among other luxury stores. It is part of a plan to bring electric vehicles into the mainstream that the government wants to be part of. “The great thing about a mall is people are in a buying mood but they haven’t decided what they are going to buy specifically,” says a proud Musk.

This ties in with the Nick Cleggs statement on 7 November “I am launching a call for evidence from key players in the industry to find out how we kick start demand.... to take low emission vehicles from a niche to a mainstream market – with support to increase plug in points, boost consumer interest, and strengthen research and development.