Electric DeLorean: Forward to the Sustainable Future


On 6th of June 2013 a project was launched at Queen's University enabling ten students to convert a DeLorean into an electric vehicle. NIE, which is part of the ecar project, sponsors this DeLorean conversion project and has shared some details with us.

The project will focus on integrating new 'smart' technologies into today's electricity network, making sure it responds to renewable energy requirements. This will allow students to gain essential knowledge in electrical engineering and provide opportunities to secure jobs in the fast growing power engineering sector.

Queen's University lecturer and researcher Dr. David Laverty was very excited about the project and commented, that it will help to 'educate and inspire the next generation of engineers to think differently about sustainable energy'.

This is the first time a DeLorean will be converted in the UK. The project is expected to be completed in 2015 and should take us forward to a more sustainable future.