Electric Vehicles and the School Run –It Makes Sense!!



Electric Vehicles and the School Run –It Makes Sense!!

Mrs Maureen Heaney who drives a 2015 Nissan Leaf concurs with the benefits of driving an electric vehicle. Mrs Heaney is a school teacher and uses the car to travel to and from work, and also, to drop and collect teenage children at school. The daily mileage is around 72 miles.

Maureen finds that the car is responsive, quiet, easy to drive and is a bit of a conversation starter. It has most certainly raised a few eyebrows when teachers and children see the car charging.

The novelty of the car has become a school subject of its own as it fits into the eco friendly topics the children are exploring in school. Maureen and her family are on a learning curve with the ecar themselves as they have recently taken possession of it.

Part of the learning curve is discovering how economical the car is in terms of the school run. No longer is there the need to sit with the engine running wasting fuel while waiting for the opportunity to drop the children off at school.

Equally on cold frosty mornings there is no need to have the car running to defrost windows or heat the car up. While the car is charging at home it can be set to heat the car and defrost the windows while sitting in the driveway - An added bonus in getting the children to school on time!

Feedback has shown the ecarni team that electric vehicle (EV) owners are carrying out everyday tasks in their EV’s. A noticeable number are using the EV as part of the school run and discovering, like Maureen and her family, that not only does it fit this service well but in fact enhances the journey in many ways.