New Charge points 'under construction'


The month of March saw a large number of deliveries of charge point equipment for various places throughout Northern Ireland. The plan is to increase the previous 40 fast charge points up to 160 and to add an additional 10 rapid chargers taking that number to 14.

 A quick look at our charge point map will show a large number of light green and light blue icons indicating that the charge points are ‘coming soon’.

 With such a large number of installations to work on we are following a phased implementation which we expect to be complete by the end of June for the fast chargers and August for the rapid chargers.

 To assist owners of Electric Vehicles in identifying which charge points are currently ‘live’ we will be placing a text list of charge points on this website on the charge points page:

  The list will give address details, type of charger and status i.e. ‘operational’, ‘coming soon’ or ‘out of service’.

 The text list is also available here in pdf format.

 We will endeavour to update this list at the end of each week to keep you informed of our rapidly changing installation programme.

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