Electric Vehicle Parking Charges Explained



Electric vehicle parking is subject to the existing waiting restrictions of the surrounding car parking spaces within public car parks. This means that if other cars pay for parking in the car park then EV owners must pay the same. However, the Department for Regional Development recently introduced legislation to allow free parking in on-street locations only. Details can be found in the attached document 'Parking Places on Roads (Electric Vehicles) (Amendment NO. 3) Order.

The Parking Places on Roads (Electric Vehicle) (Amend No. 3) Order (NI) 2014 came into operation on 21 October 2014. This amends the parking Places (Electric Vehicle) Order (Northern Ireland ) 2012 adding additional charging bays to the new Schedule. It also clarifies the operation times for all existing charging bays. 

The Schedule to this Order  provides a list of all the on Street/Road charging bays and any time restrictions that apply at each location:-

· Col 1 - Location,

· Col 2 - Hours in which the legislation applies,

· Col 3 - Days in which the legislation applies,

· Col 4 - Time limit applicable to charging in the bay,

· Col 5 Any limit on returning to the space once a earlier time limit (Col 4) had been reached. 

While parking remains free in these bays, whilst charging, the time restrictions in the schedule apply.A penalty charge of £90 is payable with respect to a vehicle involved in a contravention of the parking places Order.