Renault unveils new Twin’Z electric car concept


The Twin’Z is the latest electric car concept from Renault and British designer Ross Lovegrove. Renault has chosen to reveal a new concept at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano– prestigious furniture fair in Milan. The aim was to break down the boundaries between the world of an object whose calling is to be in movement – the car – and that of furniture.

"Twin'Z provided us with the ideal opportunity to place the process of automotive design under a different spotlight, a process which straddles the boundary between the world of the automobile and that of furniture. For this mission, we called on the creative input of one of today's most talented designers, and the Milan Show provided us with the ideal setting in which to reveal our latest concept car." – said Laurens van den Acker, Renault’s design chief.

Inspired by Renault 5 and Twingo, Twin'Z is an electric supermini. Thanks to its architecture, which features a rear-mounted motor and batteries located beneath the floor, it frees up exceptional cabin space and delivers high quality handling that makes it a delight to drive.

Twin'Z's dematerialised interior combines simplicity with refined details and technology, backed up by the sophistication of its digital systems. While lack of dashboard might seem unusual, all the data you need is displayed on the mounted smartphone and tablet.

Twin'Z features a carbon-fibre bodywork and rear hinged rear doors that open electrically.

The car is only 362cm long and weights 980kg. It is powered by a 68bhp electric motor, has a top speed of 81mph and offers a 100 mile range.

Source: Renault 
Image credit: Renault Design